Our Story

Our story starts in 2011, when my daughter and I were in our pole dancing class. We were at the point where bike shorts were too long but we were still both very nervous and self conscious. As I have had over 20 years sewing experience, I decided to look for some idea's and came across our now Short's with ties. So I made my daughter and myself a few pairs and we started wearing them into the studio. 
After we began wearing these into our studio, we got alot of questions and when asked where they were from, I advised that I had made them. From here our local studio asked if we would be interested in making them for her to logo and use in the studio. This is where Pure Sunrise Began, and where our story began. 
Over the last 7 years, we have become a common distributor to a variety of studios worldwide and are trusted for being an affordable high quality Pole/dance wear company.
To this day, we still run out of a home studio where I make the products to orders, and can also be contacted for costumes and unusual design styles. 
If you were wanting to find out more about these, please follow through to our costumes, or contact me tab. 
Much Love, 
Pure Sunrise